Date: 20/02/2017 | Region: UK

FFC Training - Stock Assessment


Animal Health and Welfare 

Stock Assessment: Sheep and Lambing

Malmesbury, Wiltshire, Wednesday 8th March 2017

This practical course on a farm, jointly arranged by CEnTSA and Food and Farming Compliance, will provide an in a supervised and safe environment, the opportunity for delegates to learn sheep handling skills and be given a basic understanding of the sheep industry. There will be demonstrations and opportunities to practice the handling of sheep.

It is intended for those officers appointed to Local Authority departments who are responsible for administering and enforcing the provisions of Animal Health and Welfare legislation, in relation to sheep. The course is also relevant to Animal Health and Welfare staff of Central Government Departments and Agencies and to the FSA Official Control Personnel. It will also be of importance for the staff of Animal Charities and Quality Assurance Schemes

HEALTH and SAFETY - Pregnant women are not permitted to attend this course. Pregnant women who come into close contact with sheep during lambing may risk their own health and that of their unborn child from infections that can occur in some ewes.

Course Objectives: 

To learn how to distinguish between fit and unfit sheep

To enhance proficiency in sheep handling

To improve confidence via an understanding of sheep production methods

To understand how to condition score and its relevance

To appreciate when to summon a vet

To understand and interpret the Welfare Code: Sheep

To understand the care required for ewes and their new born lambs

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