Date: 31/03/2023 | Region: UK

Food Fraud - More of the ugly iceberg has surfaced, Prof Chris Elliot

Professor Chris Elliott reflects on the unfurling food fraud scandal and make some suggestions for a more rigorous auditing process.

Reports in the media this week of large-scale fraud in the meat industry perpetrated by one or more companies will send more shock waves across the food industry and will cause substantial worry to some consumers that the meat they purchase from a wide range of outlets may be adulterated and dangerous.

It is the food safety angle that has particularly drawn my attention. The Horsemeat scandal was large in terms of its impact and number of companies that became embroiled, but at no stage was there any evidence of food safety risks. This is clearly not the case, with a Farmers Weekly investigation claiming rotten and highly contaminated meat is making its way into various supply chains.

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