Our Policies

Food and Farming Compliance Policies

Our policies set the standards for the way we operate. They cover everything relating to how we treat our staff, tutors, learners and others who are involved in learning activities.  

This page has links to many of the policies that affect the way we treat learners. If the policies here don't cover what you are looking for, please contact us to ask for further details.

There are two policies that affect everyone in Food and Farming Compliance. Our Equality policy outlines our commitment to being inclusive of everyone, and our Health and Safety policy describes our commitment to ensuring safety and wellbeing for all.

Policy Review Date
Access to Fair Assessment Policy                              March 2018
Appeals Procedures for Learners March 2018
Complaints Procedure March 2018
Equality Policy March 2018
Health and Safety Policy March 2018
Internal Verification Policy March 2018
Malpractice Procedure March 2018
Special Considerations / Reasonable Adjustment Policy   March 2018
Sustainability Policy March 2018
Data Protection Policy                                                          March 2018
Safeguarding Policy  March 2018
Customer Service Statement  March 2018
Animal Welfare Policy                                                          March 2018  
Conflict of Interest Policy March 2018
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy March 2018
Substance Misuse Policy March 2018