Date: 22/01/2024 | Region: UK

FFC Training - Battery Safety Feb 2024

FFC Training

A One Day Course


Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Tuesday 20th February 2024

This one-day workshop has been arranged by Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. to provide training for market surveillance professionals and businesses in the science of battery safety and the analysis of battery risk in relation to product safety and corrective actions.

Battery operated products are ubiquitous, and more and more of the devices we use every day are powered by ever smaller and more powerful batteries, which if they fail, can create hazards which are a significant risk to those using the product and often to others in the vicinity

This course will examine how batteries work, the legislative framework for products incorporating them, the appropriate conformity assessment processes to be undertaken to ensure safety, charging and discharging, failure and fault mode, and finally application of the PRISM Risk Assessment methodology for failures and determination of corrective actions.

Course Objective:-

At the end of the course delegates will be better equipped to undertake investigations involving battery failure and safety, and have knowledge of the science of battery safety and the legislative framework that underpins this in consumer products. 

There will be further development of skills in relation to fault and failure mode identification, examination of conformity assessment documentation and the ability to distinguish hazardous failure modes from safe ones.

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