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Date: 26/05/2017 | Region: UK

Calls to reform food system: 'Factory farming belongs in a museum'

Stop the Machine aims to put an end to methods of farming that are endangering biodiversity and wildlife the world over.Full Story....

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Date: 10/05/2017 | Region: UK

Agbots, next gen farming and how they can teach us about the future of work

Technological unemployment is old news for farming. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, people have left the land under the pressure of technological advance. Given the increased discussion about the future of work, the agricultural sector could offer some insight...

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Date: 27/04/2017 | Region: UK

NFU launches new education roadshow to enhance farming education

The National Farmers' Union is launching a new education roadshow - the Discovery Barn - to enthuse children to learn about agriculture and where their food comes from.Full Story....

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Date: 21/03/2017 | Region: UK

Fake farms not fraudulent, says food crime boss

Fictional farms created by big retailers are not fraudulent, despite the fact ‘misrepresenting the origin of a product’ qualifies as fraud.Full Story....

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Date: 15/02/2017 | Region: Global

Zimbabwe losing plot on food security due to women marginalisation

ALTHOUGH Zimbabwe has made significant strides in promoting gender equality, female farmers feel marginalised and that has consequently affected the nation’s food security.Full Story....

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Date: 9/01/2017 | Region: Northern Ireland

Minister sets out her vision for industry

Northern Ireland’s agri-food industry will embrace the unprecedented and exciting opportunities offered by the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.Full Story....

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Date: 28/11/2016 | Region: UK

NFU underlines importance of British food production amid food price increases

The National Farmers Union has today warned of a food price increase next year, which could add gravitas to the need for a 'strong, secure and viable' domestic food production system.Full Story...

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