Date: 7/03/2017 | Region: UK

Practical Food Standards Law Enforcement Training Course

FFC and Shropshire Council

A Three Day Course

Practical Food Standards Law Enforcement

Shrewsbury, 21st to 23rd March 2017 

This course has been designed by Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. In conjunction with Shropshire Council for those who are qualified to be authorised to enforce food standards legislation but who have not been involved in food law enforcement for some time or those wishing to extend their duties in this field, although it is also relevant to those training for professional qualifications and other regulatory officers.

The Food Law Enforcement Code of Practice requires “officers whose knowledge or practical experience of food law enforcement is out of date should receive structured revision training…..” “The minimum revision training should be 20hrs”

The proposals below are designed to fulfill, in part, the revision training requirements of the Code of Practice; the Code should be consulted for the full requirements.

The course will be an overview of the main areas of food standards law enforcement and will take three days and will provide 17.5 hrs. of training. 

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