Date: 10/01/2018 | Region: Global

Belfast Summit on Global Food Integrity - May 2018

The Belfast Summit on Global Food Integrity will take place in the famous Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, in late May 2018. 

This Summit will bring together food-security experts from all over the world, spanning academia, industry, agriculture, NGOs and regulators. The agenda will be high-level and ambitious; indeed, a large number of EU Projects will hold meetings while in Belfast. 

The debate around the integrity of the global food-supply system will be lively and perhaps even controversial; the dilemma of how to feed a growing global population amid issues such as pollution, climate change, food fraud and food terrorism must be tackled head-on, sometimes provocatively. 

The summit will be outcomes-focused, with the development of policy recommendations being fed back through the appropriate mechanisms. 

Keynote speakers already signed up include professionals from PepsiCo, WHO, FAO, WWF and US Homeland Security. Countries represented include Denmark, USA, Austria, China, Czech Republic, Belgium, Singapore and The Netherlands. 

An international gathering like this promises to be an important networking opportunity. But more than any other factor, we want you to contribute to the global debate – how we feed the world, going forward, with integrity.
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