Date: 3/06/2019 | Region: UK

FFC and CentTSA Training - Animal Welfare Seminar 24th July 2019

FFC and CenTSA Training

Animal Health and Welfare Seminar

Barford, Warwickshire, Wednesday 24th July 2018

This Seminar, jointly arranged by CEnTSA and Food and Farming Compliance Ltd, will provide an update on current Animal Health and Welfare issues. In particular details on the latest disease threats, a resume of the recently issued guidance on livestock market inspections, a case study on the enforcement of Bovine TB legislation including fraud, a summary of the current controls on sheep affected with Sheep Scab found at markets and on farms and an outline of procedure for Slaughterhouse referrals to Local Authorities.

It is intended for those officers appointed to Local Authority departments who are responsible for administering and enforcing the provisions of Animal Health and Welfare legislation. The seminar is also relevant to Animal Health and Welfare Staff of Central Government Departments and Agencies and to the FSA Official Control Personnel. It will also be of importance for the staff of Animal Charities and Quality Assurance Schemes.

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