Voluntary Organizations

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If you provide a regulatory funtion within Animal Health and Welfare, you need to be confident that your operations are effective, efficient and compliant with EU Regulation and national legislation.

  • FFC will audit levels of compliance and your means of obtaining compliance with statutory, and voluntary regulation
  • FFC will provide you with an effective strat-egy to achieve maximum compliance at least cost
  • FFC will deliver or procure accredited train-ing to enable your staff to manage and deliv-er your compliance strategy
  • FFC will provide up-to-date advice and guidance on relevant changes in legislation
  • FFC will conduct or assist in investigations leading to prosecution or other sanction
  • FFC will provide expert advice and assis-tance to you and your legal team when you are involved in legal action

A partnership of experienced professionals in the field of in Animal Health & Welfare and Food Safety Regulatory Compliance.

FFC will help you to achieve maximum compliance at least cost!

Download Voluntary Organizations Leaflet 26112019/Voluntary_Organizations_26112019.pdf