Training - Planned Courses & One Day Workshops



A One Day Course / Refresher Training Day / Assessment

Animal Health and Welfare 

Welfare of Animals during Transport

Gateshead, Thursday 20th July 2017

This one day workshop has been arranged by Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. to provide an update and refresher training on the requirement of the laws to protect animals during transport
This workshop will explore and explain the roles and responsibilities of those concerned with transport of animals. 
The course is designed for any person who is responsible for any aspect of the transport of farm animals and equines. It will be of benefit to experienced owners, farmers, livestock keepers, transporters, attendants, grooms and anybody else who is involved with the transport of animals for commercial reasons as well as for the less experienced as training and guidance. The course is also relevant to all personnel involved in the equine and farming industry and anybody involved in the enforcement of welfare legislation relating to the transport of animals.


A One Day Workshop

Primary Production Inspections on Farm

” Food and Feed Hygiene at Primary Producers- 

A facilitated workshop for sharing experiences and challenges”

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Wednesday 13th September 

This one day workshop has been arranged by Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. to provide an update on Primary Production Inspections on Farms. This workshop is suitable for any authorised person who is responsible for administering and enforcing the provisions of Food/Feed Hygiene Legislation in relation to Primary Production on farms. It will be of benefit to experienced officers and also for the less experienced and those entering the professions as training and guidance.
In light of recent high level feed safety scares Local Authority officers need to be fully capable of investigating feed safety incidents and fully understand the controls in place.
The EU Food Hygiene Regulations extend the 'farm to fork' approach to food safety legislation and apply to food businesses throughout the supply chain.
The requirements are designed to help ensure that feed provided to animals is safe and can be traced in the event of a safety incident. This included farmers and growers, in many cases for the first time.
Farmers and growers, as primary producers, need to follow good practice and manage their operations in accordance with the legal requirements.  
It will also be of importance for the staff of Quality Assurance Schemes.

FFC and CenTSA

A One Day Course Product Safety – Regulatory Affairs


Warwick, Thursday 21st September 2017 

This one day workshop has been jointly arranged by CEnTSA and Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. to provide advice and training involving practical problem solving sessions on the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015 and the responsibilities placed on market surveillance authorities.
In the UK Fireworks is still a significant market, particular for the Autumn season but increasingly year round for other celebrations. Trading Standards Officers are responsible for the safe storage of the product as well as the sale and composition of pyrotechnics.  Trading Standards Professionals act as Health and Safety at Work Act inspectors in relation to the storage of fireworks which is a very different responsibly to that of market surveillance and investigation. 
Until 2012 Fireworks were regulated under domestic legislation but since then the European dimension has taken over and such products are now part of the free market in goods.  As such the focus of regulation and approval has moved from product approval to EU-type approval with notified body involvement in internal production control, from the design stage, through process to the end product.  This presents significant challenges to market surveillance officers in terms of their ability to ensure that manufacturers and importers are fulfilling their obligations for this high risk product.

FFC and CenTSA

Five Day Animal Health and Welfare Residential Course

“Inspection, Licensing and Enforcement”

Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, 6th – 10th  November 2017
This five day residential course jointly arranged by CEnTSA and Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. is intended for those officers appointed to Local Authority and Central Government departments and Agencies and to the FSA Official Control Personnel who are charged with administering and enforcing the provisions of animal health and welfare legislation. It will also be of importance for the staff of Animal Charities and Quality Assurance Schemes.
The course will serve as an initial and refresher training; however, it is advisable for delegates to have about 6 months experience of working in this capacity. Although this course is not a specific DCATS revision course, delegates may find this course of benefit in preparation for the Animal Health and Welfare DCATS exam as the course will cover some of the elements found in the Animal Health and Welfare DCATS syllabus.