Film and Television Productions

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The FFC Partnership has extensive experience in animal health and welfare. FFC provides qualified consultants with specialist expertise in the welfare of animals used in film and television productions. FFC consultants provide advice in the pre-productions stages and on set to ensure that animals are treated appropriately. They will work with production teams to ensure that productions meet publicly acceptable standards and will certify compliance with Regulatory requirements and industry guidelines.

  • FFC will ensure that all scenes, productions or events involving animals are properly planned and filmed to mitigate the risk to animal welfare, in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Cinematograph Film (Animals) Act 1937.
  • FFC will ensure that a production stays strictly within RSPCA and BFTPA guidelines and provide the appropriate certificates of compliance.
  • FFC will in the case of filmed advertisements, apply the BACC (Clearcast) standards and provide the appropriate certificates of compliance.
  • FFC will collaborate with production teams and animal trainers to achieve their objectives from start to finish of the production process
  • FFC will, where appropriate, make recommendations on the use of advanced technology to mitigate serious risks involved in the use of animals
  • FFC will assist you to safeguard members of your production team working with animals
  • FFC accreditation of film and television productions will give both regulatory bodies and the viewing public absolute confidence that no animal was harmed or distressed during filming

Ensuring your production maintains and demonstrates the highest animal welfare standards