Animal Disease Management

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FFC Consultants have extensive expertise in contingency and business continuity planning in the face of a disease outbreak and the restrictions on business which it can entail. With their backgrounds in local and national government, they can audit your company’s operations and disease contingency plans with a ‘Government eye’, ensuring that you will suffer the least possible disruption to business in the event of a disease outbreak and consequent restrictions.

  • FFC will audit your compliance with animal health and welfare and food legislation to see not only if you are compliant but also to ensure that you are able to demonstrate compliance if subject to an official inspection
  • FFC will provide a full report of its findings with clear indications of where improvements can be made and gaps filled
  • FFC will assess the risk mitigation plans that you have drawn up and advise on how they can be made more effective and complete
  • FFC will help you draw up your disease response continuity plan
  • FFC will challenge your plans for minimising the risks and maintaining business continuity in various disease outbreak scenarios and suggest improvements
  • FFC will run workshops with your executive team to play through various scenarios providing realistic feedback on how Government would view their responses
  • FFC will provide tailored training for your staff

A partnership of experienced professionals in the field of in Animal Health & Welfare and Food Safety Regulatory Compliance

Reducing the impact of animal disease on your business

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