Andrew Foxcroft DipMan, FCMI

Andrew Foxcroft

Formerly Chief Officer Inspectorate RSPCA, Director for England Animal Health and Director of Care and Welfare (European Operations) at The Donkey Sanctuary

Andy worked within the RSPCA’s Inspectorate for many years, taking on the top job of Chief Officer in 2003 until the end of 2007.

During his career he served within the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit for 10 years investigating cases of dog fighting, badger digging and the illegal transportation of livestock into mainland Europe. He specialised in wildlife crime including endangered animals protected by CITES.

As Chief Officer Inspectorate, Andy led the national 500 strong Field Team of Inspectors and during this time he helped introduce many significant structural changes resulting in better communications and increased productivity.

In 2007 Andy became Director for England with Defra’s Animal Health agency leading an 800 strong team of veterinary surgeons and technicians. Responsible for the delivery of state veterinary services to the farming, animal-by-product and international animal trade industries, Andy brought about greater efficiency and improved delivery of targets through modernisation and streamlining.

Within both organisations, he was charged with overseeing the operational response to animal disease outbreak and many other national disasters such as oil spills and floods.

In 2012, Andy joined The Donkey Sanctuary to help modernise their European operation consisting of over 300 staff working in 5 countries delivering sanctuary care, welfare services, vet care and research projects. In his last 12 months with the sanctuary, he also managed their worldwide operations focussed on improving the welfare of donkeys globally. 

In addition to his leadership skills and ability to think and operate strategically, Andy has significant experience in managing difficult change. Engaging a high level of sensitivity and inclusiveness, he ensures that team members feel part of the process that ultimately delivers meaningful and lasting change.