Dr Angela Wright B.Sc., M.Sc. (Oxon) Ph.D.

Dr Angela Wright


Dr Angela J Wright B.Sc., M.Sc. (Oxon), Ph.D.

Angela’s key strength as an Animal Welfare Scientist is an ability to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry to facilitate practical solutions to improve animal welfare.

Angela was employed by the Royal Veterinary College (University of London) between 2006-2012, during which time she devised and delivered courses in Animal Welfare in the three core curriculum areas: veterinary students, veterinary nurses and Bioveterinary science students studying to BSc level; she also supervised and examined Masters-level and Ph.D. students. During this time at the RVC, Angela has led research on animal-based indicators of welfare, aimed at developing ‘Iceberg Indicators’, the practical application of this approach having the potential to revolutionise animal welfare assessment. The process provides a more useful targeting of limited resources to those units which need greater attention to ensure appropriate levels of animal welfare are reached and maintained. This approach has generated much interest amongst organisations providing quality assurance schemes and undertaking welfare assessments of large scale animal production.

As a Government scientist with the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (1993-1999), Angela was involved in a range of projects leading to peer-reviewed publications and won an award for ‘Scientific Innovation and Implementing Suggestions Working Practices’ in relation to improving animal welfare. The role utilized skills in a range of molecular, bacteriological and virological techniques, many undertaken in ACDP Category 3 containment.

Angela has held positions of responsibility such as a Trustee and member of Council of a Scientific/Educational charity and is currently a member of the Technical Advisory Board for a leading food assurance company as its animal welfare expert. A selection of publications Angela has authored or co-authored include:

- Willgert, J. E., Wright, A. J., Nevel, M. The risk factors and economic impact of lameness in sows in England (submitted to Preventive Veterinary Medicine)
- Pullen, S. & Wright, A.J., Cooper, B. (2011) Professional responsibilities, regulation and the ethics of veterinary nursing (Chapter 1) in BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing 5th Edn. British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Gloucester
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- Wright, A. J., Green, D. M. & Kao, R. R. (2007) Analysing the Risk of a Bovine Brucellosis Epidemic in Great Britain Using the Cattle Tracing Scheme: Have we just been lucky so far? Proceedings of the British Society for Animal Science. 195
- Wright, A. J. and Philpotts, R.J. (1998) Humane endpoints are an objective measure of morbidity in Venezuelan encephalomyelitis virus infection of mice. Archives of Virology 143:6 1155-1162