Judith Charnley B.Vet Med, Cert SHP, MRCVS

Judith Charnley


Mrs Judith G. Charnley B. Vet Med, Cert SHP, M.R.C.V.S

Judith Qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London University in 1979, and obtained the Post Graduate Sheep Certificate in 1987

She started work in mixed veterinary practice and after 18 months, moved totally to large animal practice where she remained for the next 12 years, developing a particular interest in sheep and goats. Since this time Judith has worked part time for the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratory Agency as a veterinary officer. 

She is a Past President of Sheep Veterinary Society (1999-2000) and was a recipient and holder of the Alan Baldry Award. In September 2008, she was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Society in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Society. 

Until September 2006 she was a Director of Moredun Foundation, Edinburgh. The Moredun Foundation is a registered charity that exists to “promote the highest possible standard for animal health and welfare through research and education”.

She is a Member of selection and interview board for prospective new entrants for the veterinary science degree, at Liverpool University. She was a Member of veterinary faculty board at Liverpool University from Spring 2005 to 2011 and regularly lectures to students at the university about notifiable diseases, animal welfare and sheep related matters.

Judith is Co-author with Agnes Winter, of the Sheep Keeper’s Veterinary Handbook which was  published in 1999, and reprinted in reprinted in 2007.  

She hold the City and Guilds NVQ teaching qualifications and for many years (since 1980) has delivered various training courses for the local Agricultural Training Board and later for Northern Rural Training, and the Craven College Rural Studies department. 

She devised and delivered a training course for North Yorkshire Trading Standards Animal Health Officers on “Rates of Carcase Decay and Forensic Entymology”. She has given a series of talks throughout England on Low Input Sheep Systems and Improving Lamb Survival for ADAS.

Judith acts as an independent expert witness in court cases involving adverse welfare allegations against farm animals, particularly sheep and cattle.