Stuart Musgrove MSc, MIBiol, CBiol, FIFST, C Sci

Stuart Musgrove
  • Name. Stuart Musgrove
  • Position. Consultant - Food Standards, Labelling and Composition, Enforcement
  • Tel. 07766 591695
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Stuart Musgrove started out  as a food microbiologist and his career since has been at the cutting edge of food safety and its enforcement. 

He was a Principal Analyst (Public Analyst’s Laboratory) with responsibility for, inter alia, microbiological testing and chemical analysis of food, animal feeds and other environmental materials. In addition to carrying our statutory duties during this period Stuart worked closely as a “trouble-shooter” with a number of private sector companies.

Stuart was appointed Senior Lecturer in Food Science in what became London University South Bank where, to build closer relationships with food manufacturing industry he established the position of Industrial Liaison Co-ordinator.

Recruited into Senior Management by Somerset County Council, Stuart established the, then innovative, Food Chain Unit responsible for enforcement of food safety legislation “from farm to fork”, covering: animal health and welfare, fertilisers, animal feedstuffs  and food hygeine. 

Stuart led SCC’s very effective response to Foot and Mouth Disease in 2000. He was also Chair of SCC’s Internal Food Safety Committee advising other Council departments, some of which were, themselves, providing the public with hundreds of thousands of meals, daily.

Stuart speaks regularly at conferences in the UK and in Europe, particularly on the subject of combatting fraud in the farming and the food industry

He currently provides training, advice and support to Local and National Government and to private industry.