Eddie Harper MBE

Eddie Harper
  • Name. Eddie Harper
  • Position. Livestock Transport Consultant
  • Tel. 07798 826634
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Eddie Harper’s experience and expertise as a consultant in the transport of animals is recognised in the UK, the European Union and further afield.

Eddie was, for 17 years, National Chairman of the Road Haulage Association’s Livestock Group and has served as a member of the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

He has extensive personal experience, including as driver and owner, of transporting a variety of livestock and other animal species to destinations around the globe. His root and branch knowledge of the subject has led to his being regularly consulted by and working with, both private companies and a number of official and Government bodies. These have included, notably, the European Commission and Defra (MAFF) where his expertise has been used in development of effective policy and where his breadth of hands-on experience has been called upon to deal with current practical problems.  

Eddie was central to the development and implementation of the Livestock Driver Training Scheme (National Proficiency Tests Council) and also in running a series of roadshows on welfare in transit legislation for Defra.  

As a leading authority on livestock transport he has lectured extensively in the UK, Europe, the USA and Mexico.

Eddie’s contribution to improving livestock transport has been appropriately recognised domestically with the award of MBE (2007), and internationally, with Animal Transport Associations Welfare of Animals Award for his “Outstanding Contribution to International Welfare of Animals during Transport”. (2002)